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HCI is a help-meet* organization that comes alongside churches and families to equip them to reach, teach, rescue and restore the next generation. HCI supports their efforts to love & disciple by providing quality training, resources, written materials and encouragement.



We Provide PATTERNS.


HCI is constantly developing new discipleship and personal ministry methods, materials and resources that can be easily taught and reproduced by adults working with children here at home or on foreign soil. We believe the best way to help children is to equip the adults in their lives with knowledge and tools needed to raise, restore and transform them. We can’t protect children from life – but we CAN prepare them for it! The patterns offered through our discipleship departments can be used by parents, pastors, counselors, teachers or missionaries to create new programs for youth or children in their country. We believe God’s Word is STILL the answer to every need, every question. Over 70 nations have received training and/or materials through HCI over the past 20 years!





HCI assists with special humanitarian projects at our established operational bases in Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Myanmar, Nigeria, Uganda, and the United States of America. These projects are represented in four departments of HCI:


• ChildFeed Funding & Self-Sustaining Food Projects to assist those working with malnourished children/youth in areas of extreme poverty.


ChildSave Programs & Projects to assist those working with at-risk children or youth, to rescue them from abuse, exploitation and poverty. ChildSave projects may include child sponsorship, disaster relief, or street-centers.


ChildHeal Programs & Projects to assist those working with children traumatized by abuse, natural disaster or life experiences. ChildHeal projects include abuse-prevention presentations/training or materials, children’s homes, medical care, counseling training or tools, educational incentives, trade school development and special building projects.


Widow’s Hope Programs & Projects to assist those working with single mothers or teen parents in areas of extreme poverty with business projects and vocational training opportunities so they can provide for their children and keep their families together.



Each project combines with a pattern created in our Discipleship Department to give a holistic approach to youth and/or children’s ministry.


*Help meet: (‘azer) One who aids, helps, from the root word (‘azar) supports, surrounds, girds and defends. Genesis 2:18

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