We Hear the Cry!



What if you could prevent the death or exploitation of a child by providing a safe place for them after school each day?


What if you could end the cycle of poverty destroying generations by giving a child an education?


What if you could provide a home for an orphaned, abandoned child?




HCI's Child Sponsorship Program is your opportunity to change a child's life forever.


Welcome, World-Changer!



A personal note from HCI Sponsorship Program Director Chris Zeien:


As a child, it was easy for me to feel detached from the cares of the world. I grew up in a loving, Christian household during the fifties, surrounded by a cadre of supportive grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We were not well-off, but I never knew the abject poverty faced by many of the children in this world (although some people would dispute this since I was one of ten siblings and we had only one bathroom!). When I married, my wonderful husband always saw to it that our family was well-provided for. Life was good. So good that, at times, I would become complacent, sometimes even forgetting to thank the real source of our provision, our Heavenly Father. Because I was very active with my family and in my church community, the problems of those beyond that inner circle seemed far removed.


In 2001, I traveled with Pastor Carla to Nigeria on my first ever mission trip and my eyes were opened to the many physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of children around the world. My heart ached for each and every one of them, yet how could I, as only one person, change their circumstances or mend their wounded bodies and hearts? How could I ensure that this one would get the education that she longed for? Or that one received at least one meal a day? How could it be arranged so the child who yearned to know more about Jesus could continue to be nurtured spiritually?


When I retired from teaching, God blessed me with an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those needy children when I became the director of Heart Cry International's sponsorship programs. Heart Cry's sponsorship programs are an answer to prayer for many women and children around the world. We exist to show them God's love through men and women like you who help us satisfy their need for education, food, shelter, clothing, and the word of God to encourage their spirits.


Our work will not be done until the children of the nations know the love of Christ in their lives, and you are making that possible whenever you open your hearts and generously offer your consistent monthly support.  Bless you for your willingness to share your time, money, and talents. Some of you may still be asking the question, "What can I do?"


Listen to your hearts. Do you hear the cry?



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Child Sponsorship Program - $30 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I begin?

    The first step is to select the child that you wish to sponsor. You can do that on the website by clicking here then simply follow the instructions for "adopting" your child. If you do not have access to the Internet, please feel free to call our office at 989-506-8993 to make the arrangements.  If you have no preference as to which child you will sponsor, we would love to match you with the child that has the greatest need.  Within 1-2 weeks after your initial contact, you will receive a packet of information confirming the sponsorship.

  • When do I begin sponsoring the child that I selected?

    You can start right away! You may pay your monthly support of $30.00 through Pay Pal on our website (Go to the Donations tab, then follow the instructions) or you may use the online giving services of your own banking institution.  If you make your payment by check or money order, mail them to Heart Cry International, P.O. Box 207, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48804, using the envelopes that are provided for you. Checks should be made payable to Heart Cry International. Please specify your child's name and code number on the bottom left corner of your check or use the Memo space when registering through PayPal. Sponsorship payments may be sent at any time throughout the month and then fees from all sponsors are sent collectively to the partner ministry at the beginning of the following month.

  • How much of the $30 sponsorship fee actually goes to my child?

    Twenty five dollars of your fees are sent each month for the child.  We keep only $5 of your donation to cover postage, wiring funds, yearly updates and pictures, and administrative costs.

  • How is my sponsorship money used and how is it distributed?

    Your finances will allow the child to attend school by helping to pay for his/her tuition, school uniform, and books.  It will provide for Christian discipleship, one healthy meal each day, and basic health care.

    We send your donation to the approved ministry partner that represents Heart Cry International, who is always a native pastor or missionary of long-standing relationship with our founders. The partner distributes the funds to the appropriate agents. Sponsored children do not receive the money directly. This protects your money from being used for other purposes by children or their family members or friends.

  • How can I be sure the funds are being used properly?

    Each of our ministry partners is required to send a monthly financial report to Heart Cry International. You are welcome to see a copy of these reports at any time.

  • May I write to my child?

    We would love for you to write to your child! You can submit a letter or card with your monthly donation anytime you wish.  PLEASE DO NOT SIGN YOUR LAST NAME OR GIVE YOUR ADDRESS TO YOUR CHILD. This will protect you from harassment from others who might read the child's mail. We send your cards and letters to the partner ministry the first week of each month. Remember that it takes time to get there!

  • May my sponsored child write to me?

    Yes!! If the child does not speak English, we will have our host ministry interpret and write for him/her. Please do not be offended if your child does not write back, however. This is a new concept for many of our children. Any letters from the child will be sent to our office and we will forward them to you. This is to protect you as well as the children.

  • May I send gifts to my child?

    You can give an extra cash donation with your monthly support at any time. Specify that the extra amount is a gift for your sponsored child. It will be sent with your monthly payment the first week of the following month. Our partner will give the cash to the child (or to the parent or care giver for the child, depending on the situation) in a private setting. You could also include stickers, paper dolls or planes, balloons, etc. in a card or letter.  Remember, lightweight and compact is best!

  • Is it possible for me to visit my sponsored child?

    In some cases, the child may live in an area that is unsafe for you to visit. However, if the child lives in a safe zone, you could join a Heart Cry Short-term Mission Team when it visits the host ministry of your child. If you wish to do this, you will need to contact our office to find out about cost, training, and practical preparation necessary to participate on one of our short-term teams. Keep in mind that visiting your child will only be a part of what you will do.  You will have an opportunity to bless that nation in other ways as the team labors together in ministry, building projects, training, and medical missions.

  • How often will I receive updates about my child?

    You can expect an update and current photo once a year.  The update will include information about the child's health, progress in school, family situation, etc. Updates are now sent through the mail, but will soon be sent electronically.

  • May I sponsor more than one child?

    Of course! We would be delighted to have you support as many children as you can reasonably afford, however, please do not over-commit yourself. Sometimes our hearts are bigger than our income!  Begin with one or two children that you can nurture through grade school and high school and add one at a time. We are seeking sponsors who are willing to  make a long time commitment to the child and the relationship.  Please be sure you can afford the sponsorship before you commit to it, as it can sometimes be difficult later to find new sponsors for the children.  To prevent disappointment, we ask that you only make commitments that you can keep.

  • What if I can no longer sponsor the child that I selected?

    If something unexpected happens and you can no longer support your child, we will understand. We pray you would only discontinue sponsorship in the event of unexpected financial problems or an emergency or some sort. Your child depends on your support to enable him or her to continue receiving the help that is needed. If you do need to discontinue support, please contact our office as soon as possible. We will do our best to find a new sponsor for your child.

  • What if my child leaves the program?

    In the event that a child drops from our sponsorship program (due to relocation of the child’s family, a change in schools, graduation, death, closing of a sponsorship program, etc.), Heart Cry International will make every attempt to notify the sponsor in a timely manner of any change in the status of the child.  There may sometimes be a lapse of several weeks, however, between the termination of a child from our program and our actual notification to the sponsor, due in part to the inconsistent nature of mail, phone, and Internet services within the international communities that host our programs.  We will make every attempt to notify sponsors of termination of their child from our program before the next sponsorship payment cycle begins, as payments cannot be refunded.

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