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Children Raising Children was birthed in 2012 as an outreach to young, single mothers (and some fathers!) who are victims of sexual assault, widowhood, or abandonment in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. Young girls are often targeted for exploitation.  In 2011, one twelve year old was set up by her brother in a deal to repay money that he owed. His sister was offered as payment, raped, and became pregnant. She is now a child raising a child – and there are many like her.


In 2013 a street boy impregnated his teenage girlfriend. Though so incredibly young, he immediately began trying to find work to provide for her and the twin girls. After monitoring his diligence as a husband and father, HCI provided him a trade school sponsorship in 2015 so he can provide for his family. Teenage parents raising children in the slums is a bigger challenge than you can imagine.


We offer three options for CRC Sponsorships:


CRC Trade Training for Mama/Daddy:  $200 (for Mama) or $250 (for Daddy) can establish an apprenticeship with necessary supplies for a young single mother/teen father, enabling him or her to learn a trade and become self-sufficient.


CRC Baby: A monthly donation of $30 provides food and medical care for the baby until age three,

at which time the funds are then used to pay tuition for the child to attend preschool - mandatory

in Uganda.


 Sponsorship opens a whole new world for a young man or woman and their little one. Would you

consider helping a parent or their child ... or both?


CRCB2A | Evelin Nakato & CRCB2B | Mary Babirye

(Twins! Can be sponsored together or separately).

Having one child is a challenge in itself, but caring and providing for two is even more difficult. The mama, seventeen year old Jane, is industrious, though, and prepares vegetables to sell for a small fee. She comes to church faithfully even though she is not saved. Her daughters are one year old and appear healthy.  Their father is a street boy, but he really wants to be a good daddy. On the rare instances when he can find work, he helps with any money that he earns.



CRC3 | Helen Twikirize & (her son) CRCB3 | Peter Owino

Helen became pregnant by a boy from her school and then he abandoned her.  Helen was living with her auntie, but the woman moved and Helen and the baby now live alone in the shack that they call home. The young woman is a good mama and she truly loves her son. Helen is very bright and she continues to go to high school, studying advanced classes in mathematics, economics, and art.  She is in Senior 5 and will graduate at the end of next year. Helen's sister watches the baby while Helen attends school. Peter is ten months old and in good health. He is a happy baby who is cute as a button! Since Helen is still attending high school, she is in need of traditional sponsorship - $30 per month to help offset the cost of her tuition. Her son, Peter, also needs a sponsor.


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