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Children Raising Children is a fairly new program for us! When young girls in Uganda have begun their menstrual cycle, they are often targeted for exploitation. In 2011, one of our own sponsorship girls was set up. Raped at the age of 12, she became pregnant. Her parents were dead and her brother apparently made the deal. The girl is now a child raising a child – and we are finding there are many like her. These girls are trapped by their circumstances – no longer accepted by family, classmates or peers, they are marked as “damaged girls” and forced into doing the unthinkable to provide for their babies.


Our first project was a daycare established in a room of Grace Fellowship Ministries (GFM) to provide care for the babies while the young mothers returned to school. The girls quickly dropped out of school, feeling too ashamed and unaccepted to remain. The pressure of providing for their infants was heavy on their hearts. Therefore we have revised our plan to a more practical approach. This plan will work!


CRC Project Fund: For $200 a new young mama can be set up in a small business selling petty goods in Uganda. A sponsor is found for her child providing milk and food in the early stages and school fees at age 3. The mother can join our Widow’s Hope Ministry at GFM and learn a trade such as making jewelry, sewing or doing hair. Once the Widow’s Hope Coordinator approves, the young mama receives a second gift of $500 to establish her in her trade, allowing her to purchase needed sewing machines, supplies or hair dryer with accessories.


All of our CRC girls are expected to attend a Power of Choice study group designed to help them regain confidence and faith that was lost while learning to make choices that will lead to a better a future.


CRC Project Fund Gift Suggestion:

$200 or $250 one-time gift or Child Sponsorship for $30 per month (Code: CRC)


Children Raising Children Projects


Vocational training is essential for women wanting to escape poverty. The younger the single mother, the more important this becomes. We have a new wave of single mothers aged 12 to 19, often pregnant due to rape, being sold by a family member or looking for love on the streets. Without help, these girls have no option but to prostitute themselves or accept a life of extreme poverty and potential abuse. They can’t return to school. They are not wanted by their families. They have nowhere to turn.


For a one-time gift of $200, HCI sets a young single mom up in a petty trade business. The girl is personally selected by our HCI Widow’s Hope Coordinator in Uganda, Sarah Kyasooka. Her child is featured in our sponsorship program providing milk and food until age 3. After age 3, the sponsorship funds are used for the child’s education.


HCI completed a room at Grace Fellowship Ministries in Kampala, Uganda that is being outfitted with sewing machines and a hair dryer so that single moms can learn a trade – sewing, jewelry-making or hair-styling enabling them to prosper and care for their families. This vocational training is essential. The young girls can work their small business while taking the training, keeping them off the streets.


HCI Widow’s Hope Coordinator, Sarah Kyasooka meets for Bible Study and encouragement with the single mom’s involved in Widow’s Hope every week. She is also starting a new Power of Choice group for the younger moms to help them heal from their experience and learn how to make healthy decisions for their future.


How can you help?


- $200 one-time donation to set a young mom up in a trade school training.

- $250 to set-up a young father in a trade school training.


Follow this link to sponsor a CRC baby!

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