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Damadi Children Home | MYANMAR

In 2007, a young pastor and his wife, with a heart for the abandoned and orphans of the area, established this safe haven for the children to live and learn. They are doing all that they can, but they still struggle financially to meet the needs of all of the youngsters. Many of the children have been at the home since its inception and are now becoming young adults who will soon go to college or enter the workforce.


DCHM3 | Lalchhuanliani

Fifteen year old Lalchhuanliani is a good student and in Grade 11.  She is a child of divorce and her father is an alcoholic.  Lalchhuanliani’s mother remarried and settled in another village, so she does not often see her daughter.  The young girl learned the art of sewing and has become quite skilled at needlework. Lalchhuanliani has a flair for the dramatic and would like to become an actress.


DCHM5 | Zohlimpuii

Zohlimpuii is a young lady with much potential.  She is a bright student who is very serious about her education and her ambition is to become a teacher or engineer.  Zohlimpuii is twelve years old and in Grade 8.  Her father died last year in an accident, leaving her mother unable to feed or educate the four children in the family.  Zohlimpuii was invited to live at Immanuel Children Home to give her hope for her future.



DCHM7 | Rochhuangzuali

No one knows the whereabouts of Ro's father, so her mother looks after the family as best she can by doing odd jobs and farming. Sixteen year old Rochhuangzuali is very bright and loves school. She is now in Grade 10 and desires to be an engineer someday so that she can help her family financially.


DCHM8 | Lalpianenga

This young man has a special talent - he plays the guitar!  At 16, he is in Grade 11 and trying to study ahead so that he can graduate early and become a soldier.  Lalpianenga comes from a very large family of six children, and he is the oldest.  The family lives in extreme poverty and they have little to eat at home.  Lalpianenga's father is an alcoholic who is a day laborer and his mother is a housewife.



DCHM9 | Lalawmpuii

Lalawmpuii aspires to be a singer.  Although she is a girl with natural talents (singing, drawing), Lalawmpuii has low self-esteem and an inferiority complex.  She is fourteen years old and in Grade98.  Lalawmpuii's parents are divorced and both are alcoholic.  She has a brother who also lives at Immanuel.


DCHM10 | Lalrinawma

Another songbird!  Sixteen year old Lalrinawma lists singing as his hobby as well as his career choice after graduation.  At the present time, he is a serious student who is in Grade 9.  Lalrinawma has five other siblings.  His mother is deceased and his father remarried.  The family earns its living by farming and carpentry works.


DCHM12 | Lalenkawli

Lalenkawli's life has been one of turmoil.  Her parents were divorced, and her mother later died of complications from typhoid and diabetes.  Lalenkawli's father is HIV positive, and his health is failing.  Still, he tries to make a living by collecting and selling firewood.  Lalenkawli has been bounced from one relatives home to another and she has lived in a different children's home before coming to us at Immanuel.  In spite of the circumstances of her life, this young girl is a very good student, with aspirations to become an engineer.  Lalenkawli is fifteen years old and in Grade 9.  Her favorite hobby is drawing.

DCHM13 | Vanlalhruaia

Fourteen year old Vanlalhruaia does well in school and loves his studies so much that he would some day like to be the headmaster at school!  He is now in Grade 9, so he has a while until he can fulfill that dream!  Vanlalhruaia is in good health and his favorite extracurricular activity is playing football (soccer).  His father passed away of leukemia.  His mother has remarried and does odd jobs, but cannot support the family.  Vanlalhruaia and his three siblings live with their paternal grandmother.


DCHM14 | Hniang Dawi Thluai

This talented young lady has a song in her heart.  Her passion is music and she hopes to make a career of singing.  Hniang is part of a large family. She is the third of six children who live with their mother.  The family lives in extreme poverty, as Hniang's father is deceased and her mother is the sole bread-winner, doing odd jobs to support the family.  Hniang is fifteen years old and in Grade 9.


DCHM15 | Lalrinmawia

Lalrinmawia is a serious young man, twelve years old and in Grade 8.  He is a good student who dreams of becoming a doctor.  Lalrinmawia's parents are divorced and both are alcoholics.  His only other sibling, a sister, also lives at Immanuel, as their father is an abusive man and their maternal uncle often threatened to kill the children.  Lalrinmawia's grandmother maintains guardianship of the two youngsters.  Although Lalrinmawia is usually very serious boy, he has one hobby that draws him out - football (soccer)!


DCHM16 | Vanlaldinthari

Both of Vanlaldinthari's parents are deceased, the result of alcoholism.  Her mother was making and selling the substance and she passed away at the beginning of this year.  Vanlaldinthari is 15 years old and in Grade 9.  She is a bright girl who loves learning.  Vanlaldinthari enjoys music and her ambition is to become a teacher.  Her overall health is good, but she sometimes suffers from skin irritation.  Vanlaldinthari has two additional siblings.

DCHM17 | Lalremruata

Lalremruata came to us from another home for children.  His parents are divorced and live in different cities.  Although his mother is Lalremruata's guardian, she has frequent backaches and is unable to work, so she does not have the means to support the young boy.  Lalremruata himself has frequent fevers and headaches, which are monitored.  His health does not stop him from playing his favorite sport - soccer!  Twelveyear old Lalremruata is a very alert, bright student who is in Grade 7.  He desires to be a soldier after graduation.



DCHM18 | Laltlanhlui (Myint Myat Pyae)

Like so many children at Immanuel Children Home, thirteen year old Myint Myat Pyae's parents are divorced due to drinking problems. Her father is an alcoholic and is now at a rehabilitation camp in India, but his health is deteriorating. Myint Myat Pyae's mother has remarried and is living in India with her new family. This little girl and her three siblings were living with an aunt, but her financial situation is such that she can no longer care for the children. The director of Immanuel shared that Myint Myat Pyae is a good child with much potential if she has a sponsor to love and support her. She is a good student who is in Grade 6.


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