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A Note From HCI Founder


Dear Disciple-Maker,

We believe in what you are doing around the world. The goal of Heart Cry International is to see quality, effective discipleship happening in every nation. Our primary focus is the next generation.


Pastors - your work will die with you if you fail to make the children and youth of your congregation true disciples of Jesus Christ. Who will carry on when you are gone?


Teachers - you have been given one of the highest callings, preparing the rising generation with a genuine understanding of God's Word, ways, and character. You are shaping the future in your classroom.


Parents - you are disciple-makers. A disciple is a learner - someone who learns from others. Your children learn from you every day by listening, watching, following you. You have the most significant impact on your children, far beyond what the pastor and teacher will do.


Children don't become Christians because their parents were. It's not automatic. They become Christians living Christ-like lives the same way we do...they LEARN from the people of influence in their lives. YOU are that person!


We have a wonderful discipleship tool to inspire and equip you in teaching your children about Christ. Here you will find FREE lessons, articles and ideas to help you. Several authors contribute to this blog managed by my daughter and her husband, Pastors Matthew & Nicole Homan.

Visit it here: http://hcicmfellowship.wordpress.com


I am currently recording a DVD series of our 10 course Children's Ministry Training Institute. I originally planned to film it in Nigeria but was given an opportunity here in the USA by a generous new company to record it at a higher quality for less money! These DVDs will feature the verses and songs written on the screen, close-ups of all object lessons and/or crafts, and a translator. Our first translation will be in Yoruba so my Nigerian Yoruba-speaking friends can understand anything my English may make confusing. The good news is that we will then be able to remove the translation and add in YOUR language in the future! This one DVD series will eventually be able to go to every nation! It is an answer to prayer. The DVD series comes with a manual.


In the meantime if you are in Africa and would like to have someone from our HCI Africa team conduct a Children's Ministry Training Seminar at your church or for a group of churches, please contact our African Director, Pastor Wole Akintaro. His email is: hciafrica@yahoo.com. To have Pastor come you must pay for his transportation and provide food and shelter while he is there. If it is possible, we also recommend an honorarium or offering. HCI pays for the teaching supplies used during the training but cannot commit to the cost of travel and expenses for your seminar. We believe that God will provide as you step out in faith with a heart to become a better disciple-maker! Our prayers are with you!


If you are not from Africa but have questions about disciple-making, please contact our HCI Discipleship Director through our website or his blog listed previously in this note. His heart is to help you win a lost world to Jesus. Questions about Children's Ministry can be posted on our Children's Ministry Fellowship blog mentioned before.


I hope this note has encouraged you! You are not forgotten! God is with you in your work and help is on the way!


Serving Christ,

Pastor Carla Ives

HCI Founder

"Go, make disciples of all nations"


Heart Cry seeks to serve the nations with both humanitarian aid and Christian discipleship.  The follower of Christ is compelled to respond to both the great commandment:  Love your neighbor as yourself, and the great commission:  Go make disciples of all nations.  Heart Cry is so grateful for the many ways God has given us an opportunity to do so.


It is our desire to follow Paul's example when he says in 1st Thessalonians 2:8, "Ready to share with you not only the gospel of God (discipleship) but also our own selves (humanitarian)."  For over 20 years, Heart Cry has been developing resources and training to equip local churches to multiply disciples of Jesus. For more info on these and other resources check out our Discipleship Resources.


Caleb Ives is the Discipleship Director for HCI.  Caleb has been in full-time ministry since 2004 in a variety of roles as a youth pastor, worship leader, missionary, and Bible teacher.  He currently serves on staff with Emmaus Ministries as the School leader for the School of Biblical Studies, a 10-month residential Bible School located in central Florida.  Caleb has a Masters in Theology from Regent University (Virginia Beach) and a B.A. in Youth Ministry from Lee University (Cleveland, TN). To find out more about what Caleb is doing with Emmaus Ministries go to emmausbibleministries.org.




             Caleb Ives

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