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Grace Fellowship School offers the opportunity for education to over 300 hundred students in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. The curriculum spans Pre-K through high school. Education is highly valued by the Ugandan children, but many find it to be too costly. Monthly sponsorship offsets the cost of the student's tuition, uniform, supplies, and lunch.


KU26 | Angel Ainembabazi

Twelve year old Angel is in good health and has just been promoted to Primary 6 at Grace Fellowship School. She receives high academic scores in her grade level. The subject that Angel enjoys most this year is English. Doctors are her role models, as they are compassionate and heal the sick. This little girl loves to sing – at home, school, and church. Her favorite Bible story is about Noah, because he was obedient to God. At home, Angel is responsible for washing the dishes and clothes. She lives with her mother, three sisters, and one brother. Her parents are divorced and her father has remarried, but he seldom sees the children.

KU41 | Kevin Kiwulidde

Don't let this young man's look fool you! He is reserved and respectful of his teachers and elders, but he is playful with friends and loves to make them laugh.  Kevin lives with his mother, who sells food in a small garage. His unemployed father has abandoned the family. The twelve year old is very bright and has a passion to study law. Kevin enjoys writing in his Primary 4 class and he loves church!


KU131 | Shairine Akiisimire

At fourteen years old, Shairine knows what she wants from life and that is to be a doctor. Because she is in good health, she would like every child to experience that, also. She lives to be an ambassador for Christ, as stated in 2 COR 5:20. Her fervent prayer is for knowledge and to continue her studies. Shairine is in Primary 7 and the subject that she enjoys most at school is math. Her favorite color is green.


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KU133 | Akim Aine

This eleven year old has a big heart and a big personality to match! He is now in Primary 5. When asked for his favorite color, Akim answered "brown, because it is a cool color for a suit!" And it is not surprising that he wants to learn to "drive a skateboard." Akim has a large family - mom, dad, three brothers, and a sister. Akim's role model is his father, because he provides for the family. His grandmother, who is quite ill, also lives with them, but the family has no money to take her to a hospital. Akim would like to become a doctor so that he could help his grandmother and others. He loves the story of Jesus' birth, because he came to take away our sins.


KU139 | Kadiya Kahinza

Kadiya is praying for a sponsor to pay her school fees and also that her family regains its health. These are things that we usually take for granted, but they weigh heavily on the heart of this little girl. Kadiya is a shy twelve  year old who is in Primary 6 at Grace Fellowship. Her desire is to become a teacher. She likes skipping, mathematics, and the color orange. Kadiya's role model is her mother, because she is such a good person. Kadiya likes to be useful to her mother, so she helps to wash the family's clothes.

KU144 | Emmy Kobugabe

Thirteen year old Emmy used to fear school, but now she loves it! Currently in Primary 7, she enjoys math and desires to become a doctor someday. This young lady is very "girlie," as evidenced by her favorite color - pink. Emmy's father and mother are still together and they both work to support Emmy, her three sisters, and two brothers.


KU149 | Timothy Echaw

Timothy would like to be a comedian when he is older, and he usually sports a big smile to prove it! He learned to read last year and really loves that activity.  Timothy is eight and lives with his mother, father, three brothers, and three sisters. Timothy's prayer request? He asks God for a pair of church shoes! The young boy is now in Primary 3.


KU150 | Amos Arabu

Although he is eleven years old, Amos is just in Primary 2. The cost of educating the entire family (Amos has seven siblings besides himself) prevents the boy's parents from sending all of the children to school at once. His father sells soap in the marketplace to support the family and his mother cleans. Amos is a shy, withdrawn child but comes to life when playing hide and seek.

KU151 | Patricia Lunkuse

Nine year old Patricia's home life is very unsettling to the child. Her parents are divorced, and her mother lives with another man. The couple have three children together, and they reside in the home along with Patricia and her two other siblings. The little girl is in Primary 2, where she enjoys learning to read and doing classwork. She considers herself to be very stubborn and she would like to be humble like Jesus.



KU152 | Moses Opoi

Even though he looks very serious here, Moses has a great sense of humor!  Moses is fourteen years old and in Primary 6 at Grace Fellowship. He likes math, football (soccer), and the color green. After graduation, Moses desires to have a career as a pilot. We asked the lad to tell us who he views as a role model in his life and he said it is Yaser Arafat!


KU153 | Geofrey Ssemukasa

Who could resist helping this little guy? Geofrey is an energetic boy who loves to kick a ball around for fun. He does well in school and is learning to read and write. His teacher says that he has the best handwriting in the class! What would Geofrey like to be when he grows up - a taxi driver. Geofrey is seven years old and in Primary 1. His father has a job but not his mother, so financial support for this family of three children is sparse.


KU154 | Hajarah Nuluyima

Hajarah just started school at Grace Fellowship this term, and she is in Primary 1.  Although her financial situation is bleak, the eight year old has a song in her heart and on her lips at all times. She enjoys listening to the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead, because it shows Jesus' compassion for us. Hajarah lives with her single mother, who is a waitress, and a brother. Her nightly prayer is that her mother makes more money so that Hajarah can have the books that she needs for class.


KU155 | Kevin Tulinawe

Kevin feels pain inside when he sees that is mother is depressed for lack of work.  Neither his mother or father have a job. Kevin does chores at home, washing dishes and doing what he can to help the family. He is nine years of age, in Primary 3 and has aspirations to be a teacher when he is grown. His favorite subject is English. Like many boys, Kevin says that football (soccer) is the activity of choice in his leisure time.


KU157 | Dan Mukwasi

We could not resist this little guys long, thick eyelashes! Dan is eight years of age and in Primary 2. His favorite color is red, and he likes coloring, riding bicycles, and cows. He lives with his mother, two sisters, and one brother. All of the children attend school, but the Headmaster gives Mom much grace in paying the children's tuition. Mom sells food at the roadside and it is the only means that she has of providing for the family income.


KU163 | Brian Kamya

Brian is nine years old and in Primary 5. He enjoys a good game of hide and seek and likes the color red (which you can tell by his shirt!). Brian recently had the flu, but he is recuperating nicely. Since his illness, Brian has a new respect for doctors and he would like to make medicine his profession. Although doctors have influenced Brian's life, he also has great respect for John the Baptist.


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