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When you are a young man in the slums of Uganda who is homeless, hungry and without family the prospect of attending school or getting a good job are impossible in the slums of Uganda. HCI is thrilled to partner with Real Angel's Boarding School and Hope Street Uganda to provide sponsorships for these precious young men. Educational or vocational training is their only hope of survival.


Real Angel's Boarding School was started in 2013 by Mrs. Sarah Kyasooka, wife of HCI Partner, Pastor Nelson Kyasooka of Grace Fellowship Ministries in Uganda. She has welcomed these former street boys into her village school with open arms and she has offered tuition at no cost but, there is no food or supplies available for the boys.


$30 per month provides them with personal care items and food needed while in school. If you would like to help but cannot commit to monthly sponsorship of a boy, please consider a one-time donation of $100 to Real Angels School Fund.


Hope Street Uganda was started by "Uncle Abby" -(Abdul Galiwego) and other former street boys now Christian men, educated, dedicated and determined. HSU originally began under Grace Fellowship Ministries but became an independent ministry in 2014. They minister to literally hundreds of boys living on the street every week.


$30 per month provides food and personal items for boys with health-challenges living at the Hope Street House or for those attending school. A one-time donation of $250 provides an apprenticeship for a street boy to learn a trade and become self-sufficient.


It's so easy to make a difference!


RA1 | Moses Mbazira

Nineteen year old Moses is now in Senior 3 at Real Angels.  His favorite subject is Fine Art and he desires to become an engineer when he graduates.  The headmistress considers him to be a young man who is well-behaved.  Moses lives as a boarder at Real Angels, as his home life is still in turmoil.  His parents are separated.  During the holidays, the school wanted him to go home for a visit, but when he arrived his parents chased him and he had to come back to school.  Overall, Moses is in good health.  His favorite Bible verse is John 14:14, because it is God’s promise and it gives him hope.  Moses enjoys comedies, as they make him laugh, but the activity that he likes best is football (soccer).  He admires his friend Rich Mosey.  Rich always makes him smile and everybody is proud of him.  Moses likes the colors black and white.  Moses requests that his sponsor pray for him that God might give him wisdom.


RA2 | Christopher Buwembo

David is now in Senior 3 at Real Angels and his favorite subjects are Religious Education and Computers. In fact, when he graduates, Christopher would like to become a computer technician. Overall, the young man’s health is good, but he did have malaria at one time and still has some lingering effects from the disease.  Christopher’s favorite Bible verse is John 3:16, because it is God’s  promise for his life. He enjoys anything fun that can make him laugh, but his best activity is football (soccer). It is no surprise, then, that one of Christopher’s role models is Ronaldo, because he is a famous footballer. Another person that Christopher admires is Nelson Mandela, hero of South Africa. Christopher likes rice and milk, and his favorite color is black.


RA4 | George William Ssekamanya

At twenty years old, George is the oldest student at Real Angels. He is now in Senior 4 and the subject that he enjoys most is Religious Education. His humble nature is especially suited to the career that he would like to pursue when he graduates, that of a social worker who counsels others. George recognizes that he has been given the gift of leadership and wants to use it to the best of his ability. He has a strong relationship with the Lord. It makes him smile when he prays to God and gets answers to his problems. George’s favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11, because it really encourages him. The young man requests that his sponsor pray for him to achieve his goal of passing well his national, Senior 4 exit exams so that he will be promoted to Senior 5.


RA5 | Umarl Kalyesubula

Umarl was mistreated at home and took to the streets for what he thought would be a better life. But Umarl quickly became disenchanted with street life and sought the help of Heart Cry to turn his life around. Umarl is now 18 years old and would like to study engineering after completing high school. He is in Senior 4 and next month he will sit for his final exams to determine whether or not he is passed to Senior 5. After Senior 6 he can join the University or any institution of higher learning.


RA6 | Yakubu Tegga

Yakubu is 19 years old and in Senior 3. He desires to become a musician and make beautiful music. He is studying very hard, as he doesn’t want to bring shame to Mama Sarah, the administrator of Real Angels Boarding School. That should tell you something about the commitment that Yakubu has toward his education!


RA7 | Sam Mugisha

Sam is 16 years old and in Primary 6. He begged Mama Sarah to take him to Real Angels Boarding School to give him a chance to make something of his life. Although Sam lives at the boarding school, he attends a local primary school, as Real Angels Christian School is strictly a secondary school. Sam has a passion to play football (soccer).

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