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Internships:  You can do a 3 week to 3 month internship with HCI on the foreign field in Uganda, Guatemala, Haiti or Nigeria. Basic requirements are:


- Completion of the Short-term Mission’s application & Skill Assessment Form


- Completion of HCI Short-term Mission Training


- Completion of the HCI Children’s Ministry Guidebook & DVD series


- Completion of VOH Ministerial Ethics Course


- Completion of VOH Intercessory Prayer & Spiritual Warfare Course (for stays over 3 weeks)


- Completion of VOH Mission’s Perspective Course (for stays over 3 weeks)


- Fundraising & Promotion of Trip


Those desiring to serve as full-time missionaries with HCI are expected to submit to 6 months of training here at the USA headquarters in Michigan. They must complete the VOH School of Ministry or an equivalent. If their training originated at another school or university, they will be expected to take the courses through VOH listed above. They will also be sent to do training with Hope Force International, a disaster-relief organization during their six-months of preparation here in Michigan.

Due to the rapid expansion of this ministry in the USA and overseas, we are in need of dedicated men and women or couples willing to serve on a part or full-time basis. Individuals must be willing to raise their own financial support. We provide:








We are currently in need of missionaries to serve as:









Internship opportunities are available in Haiti, Uganda, Nigeria, and Guatemala. Those desiring to serve as missionaries must have attended our Vessels of Honor Bible School or had equivalent experience.


For more information, contact us at 989-506-8993. You may be the answer to our prayers!

A missions trip with HCI will have many costs outside the monetary, and all of these costs should

be considered.


One of the largest expenses is airfare. This amount varies, depending on where you are going, how many people are on your team, and what the best rates are that we can find at that time. Additionally, there is a cost of $85 each day you are on land  for the cost of land transportation, food and lodging. You may wish to bring extra money for personal purchases at local shops and markets.



- training

- oversight

- spiritual covering

- resources

- a ministry base

- accredited teachers for Vessels Of Honor (VOH) in Guatemala, Nigeria & Haiti

- school training and development in Africa

- children's home training and development in Africa & Haiti

- street center ministry training and development in Africa & Brazil

- discipleship training for children/youth/adults internationally

- USA Impact Center ministry development

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