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Welcome to the HCI Volunteer Corp!


We are a group of compassionate people who care about the suffering of children worldwide. We are committed to making a difference!


Heart Cry International is a non-profit organization based in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Our goal is to change the world, one child at a time. We target children of poverty - street children, orphans, & those living with singles mothers in impossible situations overseas. HCI combines both Christian discipleship and humanitarian efforts to bring transformation to children's lives & entire communities.


Not everyone can dedicate their lives to serving full-time on foreign soil. Some people will never take an international trip. However, we believe that EVERYONE can participate in missionary work from their own home and community!


The HCI Volunteer Corp involves people like YOU who want to make a difference. Through participation in HCI fund-raisers, promotional events, and Action Teams in their local communities and/or schools/universities,you can help HCI impact thousands of children living on the streets in hopelessness and despair. Your helping hand can help us rebuild their lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ and life-changing projects providing shelter, food, water and care.


Come join the Corp!


Serving with Joy,


Ron & Carla Ives

HCI Founders


HCI is in need of new recruits! (Note: These are VOLUNTEER positions for those wishing to serve others)



GRANTWRITING & DATA-KEEPING: Research, grant prep work, documenting information concerning approved projects.


TRANSLATORS: To help translate materials into other languages.


SEWERS: To help sew blessing bags and assemble puppets to take overseas.


FUNDRAISER COORDINATOR: Generate new ideas and business opportunities to increase fundraising and fund development to meet and exceed revenue goals. Establish an ongoing fundraising program to support the future work of HCI.


Join the Corp!


Be a Corp Captain:

Work directly with the home office in Michigan and serve as a representative of HCI in your community/university/work place.  Develop

& lead the Volunteer Corp members in your area and touch children on the other side of the world!


Become a Corp Member:

Join the HCI Volunteer Corp in your communiter and make your life count!  Your support of HCI activities in your area will help to generate the support needed to care for children of poverty in Haiti, Uganda, Nigeria, Brazil and beyond.


Volunteer Corp Activities:

• Annual Prayer Meeting for HCI

• Promotion of HCI

• Fundraising Projects

• Recruiting of Supplies

• Sewing Teams

• Disaster Relief Projects




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