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We believe that children need their parents. Whenever possible, we make it our goal to keep families together. Single mothers living in impoverished areas where there is little or not work available are often forced to put their children in an orphanage or on the street to survive. If the mothers are HIV+ or handicapped, the situation seems hopeless.


Widow’s Hope is our response to the cry of their children.


• Uganda – There are thousands of women widowed by abandonment or AIDS in Uganda. Many of these are HIV+ and there is no work for them. Widow’s Hope provides many of  these women with an opportunity to be self-sufficient through a jewelry/basket/purse-making business. HCI provided the initial funding for the start-up two years ago. We now purchase their wares and sell them at craft shows and local stores here in the USA.  This year we are expanding to a clothing line and will open a for-profit business to sell more in 2015!



We are currently developing new products from Guatemala, Nigeria, Haiti and Brazil for the new business.  Stay tuned for a chance to be blessed and a blessing at the same time!

Pray for Widow’s Hope!


Sarah Kyasooka was helping these single mothers long before HCI met them. We are so honored to be serving at her side and developing new opportunities to keep families together in Uganda! Sarah is the wife of HCI Ugandan Director & Founder of Grace Fellowship Ministries, Pastor Hosea Nelson Kyasooka.

They have 5 children of their own.

HCI now has handcrafted jewelry, purses & more available for purchase at the HCI office in Mt. Pleasant, MI! These items were created by single mothers living in the slums of Uganda, many HIV+. The new HCI Widow's Hope Market is up and running!


We are looking for individuals willing to host a "Hope" party in their home or office to sell the handcrafted items to co-workers, friends and family. If you are interested, contact our office. Help these amazing women to become self-sufficient, able to care for their families!


Special thanks to: Sarah Kyasooka of Grace Fellowship Church in Uganda, Widow's Hope Coordinator



Do a Hope Party in your home or church – sell our Widow’s Hope jewelry and accessories!

Contact us today at: (989-506-8993)


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